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VIVA YACHT Charter & Broker, Yacht renting and selling is our passion.

Based on our experience, we offer professional maintenance for your yacht and the best profitability for your investment with a careful customer selection.

You can buy a yacht under our assessment and later you can let us her management.

Yacht characteristics: Catamaran o Monohulled 34´´ to 55´´

Base marina: Palma de Mallorca and/or Gran Canaria (optional for winter period).

Partnership duration: 5 years renewable on each year.

Yearly Profit: 15% from yacht price is guaranteed only by doing the med season (Balearics).

The partnership is a win-win situation based on the business profitability together with the owner´s enjoyment during two weeks in summer and during any other time of the year when the yacht is available.

The yacht maintenance is a total responsibility for Viva charter, which is what the majority of owners appreciate the most.

VIVA Charter will take care of the following expenses:

  • Mooring fees

  • Yacht insurance fees (being the yacht owner the insurance beneficiary)

  • Maintenance expenses

  • Docking and yearly antifouling treatment.

Buying a yacht – insight:

A yacht dedicated to the charter business, obtains an exemption on the 12% registration Tax and on the 21% VAT. (Only an intrastate declaration applies) which gives a total 33% off the standard price.

Annual economical profit for the owner :

  • Receiving 50% of the net of each contract that we realize, which gives at the end of the season a minimum profit of 15% of the boat´s value.

The Yacht keeps its value after five years at the time of her selling because they have been very well maintained and also because the yacht model has been carefully chosen among the latest market releases.

Another advantage from the partnership is the yearly renewal, when owners can decide whether to continue or to finish the relationship.

Owners can also benefit from enjoying a similar yacht from Viva Charter in one of our base Marinas in Palma or Canaries or enjoy his own yacht in perfect condition and ready for his holidays.

We aim for flexibility on our partnership proposal, so any other demands in mind are taking into account.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Our kindest regards from Palma de Mallorca